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15 years of experience in Europe: Çıloğlu
ÇİLOĞLU Food (Turkey)
Gentlemen (Turkey)
Caretta (Turkey)
ÇİLOĞLU Gmbh (Germany)
Ela Grothandel (Netherlands)
with companies,
"Quality first" principle and is working to ensure customer satisfaction and contribute to the economy of the country.

Horb-GRÜNMETTSTETTEN - which is one of Europe's leading wholesalers of Turkish food company with 15 years experience in serving customers. Çıloğlu, across Europe, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, countries like the franchise system (of 27 dealers) to work with. Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Norway in European countries such as working with wholesalers, dealers in these countries aimed at establishing the structure of the vendor continues to search for.

A total of 50 wholesalers with the continuous development and progress across Europe aims to address Çıloğlu Handels. Strengthen its dealer network with each passing day. Giving more importance to active work, general dealer in Europe by companies trying to walk one-stop shop provides sales.

Çıloğlu Food Ltd.;
Supplier for the company in 1999 ÇİLOĞLU Gmbh Company was formed to provide services, and manufacturing procedures of follow-up of brands to follow Çıloğlu Destroying, by performing the Çıloğlu supplies from Turkey and dealers serving Gmbh.

Gentlemen Fast food;
Fast food has been serving in Istanbul.

Caretta Foreign Trade;
The new branded products to world markets by participating in the group as a Çıloğlu aims to sell.

Grothandel Ela;
Çıloğlu dealership since 2000, within the Çıloğlu branded products are being marketed in the Netherlands for many years, the company continues to service in the Netherlands, continues to increase its market share every day.

Continuous improvement and quality of each product, which is open Çıloğlu Group is ambitious. Trusted brands, brand awareness is important. ÇİLOĞLU, its affiliated brands, is working continuously to increase awareness.

Turkey between Europe and the objectives of identifying quality products, brokerage firm, the shortest and fastest way to reach the consumer fresh food has its principle.
The rapid transformation of products by providing consumers with campaigns that have made every attempt, aims to provide these products.

Çıloğlu, Turkey meatballs with their own brand of mortars, orchid, pişmaniye powder drinks, pepper, bread rolls, pastry varieties of fresh, soft fruit candies halal gelatinous bringing presents to the European market.

Lezzo, Bıfa, hostel, and also European companies such as Campbell Pışmanıye dealership is.

ÇİLOĞLU brand meatballs with spices, orchid ...
YUTTY brand filled with the fruit sugar, sugar, jelly ...
SIR brand with paprika, bread rolls, coffee ..
products, brands, creating brand awareness of your auction, in order to increase its market share is committed to continuous visual and written advertising.

The changing needs of its customers by continuously following, has been active in the effort to make an international brand name Çıloğlu

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